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Cognitive Quiz

Cognition is your brain’s ability to process all the information it takes in from your senses. You can think of your brain as your body’s thought processing center. Cognitive tests are usually performed when there is a concern of mental decline or impairment. While a cognitive test can be a first screening tool for cognitive issues, it is not meant as a diagnosis.

Health care professionals typically also look at your medical history, physical exam results, and sometimes the results of a neurological exam. Taking an at-home cognitive test is a reasonable first step if you think you are having trouble with memory, language, problem-solving and thinking. Always consult with your primary are physician for a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis if you have any concerns about your cognitive wellbeing.

Please take a few minutes to calmly read through each of these 15 questions and answer to the best of your ability. Each question should be ranked based on your perceived severity or frequency of the issue. Your answers will be automatically tabulated into a total score with a basic interpretation of your score provided at the end of the quiz.


NOTE: This quiz is completely private and for your information only. None of your individual answers or your total score data is stored by our company.

15 Statements to Answer

No difficulty Rarely Occasionally Frequently Always
1 How often do you experience difficulty in remembering recent events or conversations?
2 Do you find it challenging to concentrate on tasks, such as reading or watching a movie?
3 How often do you experience memory lapses or forgetfulness?
4 Do you struggle to keep up with appointments, meetings, and other commitments without relying heavily on reminders?
5 How often do you feel overwhelmed or have trouble organizing your thoughts?
6 Have you noticed a decline in your ability to solve problems or make decisions?
7 Are you experiencing difficulty with finding the right words during conversations?
8 How often do you misplace common objects, such as keys, glasses, or phone?
9 Do you struggle to follow instructions or directions?
10 How often do you experience confusion or disorientation in familiar surroundings?
11 Have you noticed difficulty in your ability to handle finances or manage bills?
12 How often do you feel mentally fatigued or mentally drained?
13 Have others expressed concerns about your memory or cognitive ability?
14 How often do you lose track or repeat yourself during a conversation?
15 Are you having difficulty performing familiar tasks, such as cooking or using electronic devices?
Total = 0

Score Interpretation

Score Comment
0 - 30

None to limited signs of elevated cognitive issues.

31 - 60

Mild cognitive impairment may be present.

61 - 75

Moderate cognitive impairment that may be disruptive to daily life.

76 - 100

Indicates significant cognitive disorder. Immediate attention is needed.

(Scoring determination and rating is based on similar cognitive tests such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment 1 (MoCA), Mini-Mental State Exam 2 (MMSE), and the Mini-Cog 3 .)


This is a general guide and should not be used as a definitive diagnostic tool since it has not been validated through controlled scientific tests. Only a qualified healthcare professional can diagnose cognitive disorders. If you have any concerns after taking this quiz, please seek professional medical advice. The earlier you seek intervention, the better the outcome for correcting cognitive issues.